Antique Biedermeier Wardrobe


Here's a wee history lesson...

Biedermeier is an era in Georgian European history between 1815 and 1848.  It was a phase when the middle classes were emerging and they wanted furniture to reflect their new status.  

This stunning wardrobe is dated 1838 and typifies the era with its beautiful oak leaf carvings still with some of their original gold paint on them, original painted initials and date at the top and fabulous wooden locks, still in working order. The craftsmanship in this is extraordinary and on top of that, it has original wooden hooks, a removable metal pole for hanging and plenty of newly installed removable shelves so not only could it still be used as a wardrobe, but now it can be an amazing kitchen cupboard or linen cupboard. 

height: 1900mm
width: 1620mm
depth: 460mm