Shelf Styling

Shelf Styling

Having just renovated our living room at home, I am well aware of how hard it can be to style a shelf!  It's always a balance between making it interesting and knowing when to stop.  I don't believe it has to cost the earth either, in fact most of the things I used on my shelves were already in the house, just hidden away. 

My biggest tip is to add all the things that mean something to you personally, whether it is a trinket you have picked up on your travels or a family heirloom.  Anything special to you that you want to display. 

Amongst my precious items are a painting of Edinburgh given to me by a dear friend for my wedding (many years ago), some vintage Flower Fairy books handed down to me from my Aunt,  and a candle holder made by one of my girls in tech!  No matter what these things are, they will all come together beautifully to tell a story about you and your family and nothing matters more than that when you are creating your home. 

My Pinterest board on styling a shelf has lots of clever, expert ideas on how to group items and some gorgeous inspiration.

shelf styling

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